About Us...How It All Started
In 2009, founder and CEO Jamaal Lewis was at an all time low in his life. At this low point, one of his friends stopped him in his tracks, looked him in the eyes and said, ``You're BLESSED, STAY that way...STAY BLESSED!`` Immediately these two simple but powerful words recharged him and gave him hope on a level that he had never felt before.

A year later, Jamaal made a shirt at a kiosk in the mall. After one of his workouts, he posted a picture on his social media and got an unexpected response of people requesting the shirt. He immediately prayed on the situation and heard God loud and clear say, ``Create a vehicle to spread my message.`` That was the birth of Stay Blessed Clothing Line. is a clothing line that services men, women & kids. Stay Blessed LLC, officially started in 2012.

It is currently an online store, based in Hawaii and services customers all over the world. Stay tuned as we work to expand, focusing on blessing communities through the homeless and youth
Stay Blessed Clothing is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle and a constant realization that you were born a BLESSING and to STAY that way. The power of this positive message impacts people on a daily basis and invites complete strangers to share a common unspoken bond. Stay Blessed Clothing is here to uplift all age groups, races and gender by bringing to light the importance of being “Fueled by Faith” and not fear. The biggest blessing in this world is to be a blessing to others. Join the Movement and Stay Blessed today.

Farzana B.

London, United Kingdom
``Staying Blessed, not just a brand. It makes you feel special, energised and inspires. I am proud and honoured to be associated with staying blessed.. This .. And the special CEO of this was my saviour and my blessing, they inspired me to change my life around when I was at my lowest point. The everyday blessing helped!! Magic! And inspired me to get my 'staying blessed' tattoo .. Worth the pain! I shall continue to remain blessed and feel empowered by it ..``

Aleasa G.

Florence, KY
“When I read about what Stay Blessed Clothing line represented and stood for, I said to myself ``I have to be a part of this movement.`` I love their gear, what it stands for and how it affects peoples lives. I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be an Ambassador for your company because it has pushed me to reach higher in my own goals and dreams. Stay Blessed Clothing you are the epitome of GREATNESS, thank you!”

Dennis B.

Savannah, GA
“Why I like stay blessed? Being in the Army with multiple deployments under my belt I have seen some truly ugly things in this world. Stay blessed clothing line has helped me keep my faith and think of all the positive that our Lord and Savior has to offer us. Every time I see those SB and the wings, I just think about God and thank him for everything. Stay blessed keeps me focused and humble.”


“Stay Blessed, not just a brand. It makes you feel special, energised and inspires. I am proud and honored to be associated with Stay Blessed. This...And the special CEO of this was my saviour and my blessing, they inspired me to change my life around when I was at my lowest point. The everyday blessing helped!! Magic! And inspired me to get my ‘staying blessed’ tattoo...worth the pain! I shall continue to remain blessed…”

Diana H.

New York, N.Y.
“I absolutely love Stay Blessed clothing line! Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually it has taken me higher than I could ever imagine during one of the darkest moments in my life. It has helped reconnect me back to my faith and my love for God. My faith now is bigger than anything that stands in my way. Not only do I now feel blessed but I get to bless so many others in unbelievable ways by simply just wearing the Stay Blessed clothes. To my new Stay Blessed family, I just want to say “Thank You” for changing my life and the life of so many others on a daily. I will forever be grateful to StayBlessed.co and Mr. Lewis for creating such a wonderful, inspirational & uplifting clothing line. “It’s not just a brand, it's a reminder that you too are blessed and you can stay that way”. Always keep the FAITH, keep GOD first and YOU will never be LAST. Stay Strong, Stay Humble but most importantly “Stay Blessed”.” Love, your #1 fan,

Broderick S.

Lynchburg, VA
``Stay Blessed is more than clothes, they are a movement. A movement that reflects the notion of grace, being grateful and of course Staying Blessed. They give opportunities to showcase others attributes through Christ. I'm blessed to be have found and represent such a talented and gracious company. ``

David R

Charlotte, NC
``I came across the stay blessed brand 4 years ago at the LA Fit Expo - Being an athlete of faith and passionate about my fitness I was glad to see a quality fitness wear product that was more than a catchy name but a brand of substance. I look forward to wearing my Stay blessed gear.``

Kenny R.

Oceanside, CA
``Stay Blessed! Quality clothing with a positive message. As someone who has a firm faith in Christ, I always count my blessings and do my best to share them with others. I'm proud to wear my faith on my chest to let everyone know I stay blessed!``

Darryl O.

El Paso, TX
``Stay Blessed is more than what you wear, it is a lifestyle. One that reminds you that, above anything else, we are all blessed. It's a reminder that, with faith, anything is possible and can be accomplished. Every time I wear my shirt, I wear it with pride. It's my way of doing my part in reminding everyone to Stay Blessed!``

Ross C.

Longview, TX
“I love the brand name 'Stay Blessed' doesn't seem as conceited as saying ``I am blessed``. I remember when Jamaal told me he was gonna start this company and I was one of the first to have some of the t-shirts with a different logo on the back. I got some people out here in Texas to start wearing the clothes and people loved the logo and the message the brand creates. My friend Lisa she loved the logo and what it meant so much that she got it tattooed on her arm; sadly she passed away recently. But Jamaal's brand has done so much for people in such little time and I thank him for that.”

Dayana C.

Miami, FL
``Stay Blessed for me means exactly `` Faith, Hope and Love``. Why? Because this clothing company with faith is spreading hope and love to everyone like God will do. This message is a blessing in my life and for others . Stayblessed always put a smile in my face , I encourage you Stayblessed family to continue spreading the Good word :)!``

B. Taylor

St Petersburg, FL
What I have found most appealing about Stay Blessed apparel is the commitment of your beliefs and finding a way to spread the message by way of connecting honoring your body, family and friends through a fit lifestyle with honoring your spirituality. Simply acknowledging our blessings. A Campaign with a true holistic purpose not just slapping a slogan on appeal. Love what Stay Blessed stands for and how they reciprocate the support of their followers!

Tony L

Katy, TX
“Stay blessed is more than an apparel brand. It's a positive state of being that embodies the soul. I love the apparel and the positive infectious energy it brings me when I wear the brand.”<br />

Christina Watson

Xenia, OH
“This a company, that isn't scared to tell the world what or who they believe in. Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name! MATTHEW 18:20 I stay blessed because I was told in 2011 that because of my Ulcerative Colitis I would have to stop competing. I chose not to believe that lie from the devil and fast forward I have not only obtained my Pro card in 2014 but I have competed in 7 pro shows date with last year being my best yet!. And last but not least God has brought me and the love of my life back together after 4.5 years and we will be saying our dos this July! We have been called to ministry and living each day for God!”<br />